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Droi Pharma is the leading global research company in healthcare sector specialized in raw material, food ingredients, additives and related fine chemicals and technologies.

Around the sphere we provide in-depth understanding of the widely available food grade supplements and ingredient fact & do assist in quality standards to be sustained optimizing the best outcome in healthcare industry. Moreover the company is an unique intelligence platform that provides science and application data on raw material, research & development, regulatory information wing, manufacturing technology insights and expert analyst insights at a unique level of aspect. At Droi Pharma, a panoramic view of commercial ingredients and manufacturers, broken down by health benefit, ingredient types, raw material origin and even active molecules have been offered through development and subsequent scaling of ingredients / raw material.

Working towards betterment of National & International healthcare community by offering stable and high quality research with continuous innovation & development. Founded in 2009, Droi Pharma flavored with invariable novelty, a enthusiastic mind open to new thoughts and experiments coupled with Crystal Clear business practices, trained & dedicated staff and self confidence brimming to the hilt are our secrets of stupendous growth.

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