Care Management

In August 2013, Droi Pharma announced the creation of a new Care Management Division to improve care transitions by further developing capabilities to deliver integrated care across various care settings.

As we detailed in the 2014 Quality and Social Responsibility Report, company has been building a bridge to tomorrow’s integrated healthcare system. The Care Management Division will develop programs that will enable Droi Pharma and its partners to better manage episodes of care, create more seamless transitions between care settings, and improve patient satisfaction. Thereby, we will reduce lengths of stay and rehospitalizations at a lower cost to Medicare and other payers.

The goal of the Care Management Division is to reach out and draw upon the knowledge and expertise from the field and to share best practices on an enterprise-level across sites of services and divisions. This strategy enables us to focus on the unique medical and rehabilitative needs of every patient and resident we serve – and to deliver the mission of hope, healing and recovery.

The Care Management Division is responsible for developing and supporting care models, including good ingredients supply and Accountable Care Organizations, that meet consumer preference and support integrated care delivery.

The division will test new delivery and payment models and develop capabilities to support the Company’s Integrated Care Markets and “Continue the Care” strategy. These capabilities include:

Our goal is to provide integrated, consumer-centered and high-quality care. Our dedicated teams can provide coordinated care and we believe Care Management Division will expand our care management capabilities and pursue the innovations that will help shape the future of post-acute care, working in partnership across our company.

The creation of this division reflects our commitment to provide superior clinical outcomes, transition patients home more quickly and safely, and lower costs by reducing lengths of stay and reducing unnecessary rehospitalizations.

As care management is a cornerstone to any successful patient-centered healthcare delivery system, this division will be instrumental in preparing us for future delivery and payment models and ensuring we are able to deliver on our promise of hope, healing and recovery.

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