Why Droi Pharma?

Reason #1: Pure Ingredients
Droi Pharma uses the purest ingredients available. A lot of companies make the same statement, but compare the two labels on this page. They appear to be identical. But what you don't see are the potentially allergenic ingredients used by other companies. Companies are not required to list these ingredients if they aren't added at the time the product is manufactured.

Reason #2: No Impure Additives
Compare the labels on this page. Here you see the IMPURE ingredients used by other companies. Companies are required to list these additives because they are added at the time the product is manufactured. Droi Pharma is the ONLY company to use pure, hypoallergenic ingredients – from raw materials to the finished product. For 25 years, we have NEVER used the common, inexpensive, potentially harmful additives often used by other companies. We never have, and we never will. That's why your health-care practitioner trusts Droi Pharma.

Reason #3: Absorption
Droi Pharma products contain no lubricants made of ingredients that can prevent you from absorbing the active nutrients. Lubricants enable tableting and capsuling machines to run more efficiently, but these large fat molecules can prevent the product from dissolving in your digestive tract. Good for the machine – not necessarily good for you. You may not absorb the product or receive its benefits. Large fatty acid additives in this category include stearic acid and its cousins, magnesium stearate and calcium stearate. These lubricants have similar negative properties – reduced dissolution and inhibited absorption.

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